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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing like our free consultation! It’s available to answer all your questions as well as your rental needs. Click here to get a call from a Counsellor today!

With the 911 Rental+, you have more pictures, more inquiries and the online signature of the Lease and the Building rules are included. 

Don’t you panic! Depending on the season and demand, it might take a few more days to find the ideal tenant. Louermonappart.com proposes to renew your package for an additional 30 days from $299. Isn’t life real estately beautiful? 

Renting with the 911 Rental service doesn’t mean renting alone. Always on the phone, the dedicated members of the LouerMonAppart.com team accompany you to the rental and give you the right advice, when you need it!
The rental of your accommodation to a good tenant is essential for us! 

Your ads will be visible on all the most visited sites in Quebec! We guarantee you the popularity of your property from day one. Thanks to our commercial accounts and our high display volume, prepare your telephone: it will soon ring! 

Very simply! A Rental Advisor will arrange an appointment for the picture session at your convenience, directly to your property with a specialized real estate photographer.
For a faster and more efficient session, think about preparing your unit: clean rooms, counters etc. Make your apartment as neutral as possible so that potential tenants can project themselves when they visualize the pictures.
On average, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes for a photo shoot. 

Same as a paper lease. It’s a lease from the Régie du logement filled online by us and with electronic signatures from you as well as your new tenant. Our team sends it to you by email and you will be able to view it online, keep it on your computer, send it or even print it. We are proud to save time in the rental process and to allow an eco-responsible Zero paper system advocated by this approach. 

Do you answer the phone and quickly return any missed calls? Are you available for visits so that you don’t miss any potential tenants? Did you apply all of our team’s advice? Did you call us to follow up? Thousands of potential tenants are currently looking for housing and our tools have proven their worth to hundreds of landlords! Call us immediately to see if you have followed all the procedures we are advocating.

98% of our clientele rent their accommodation in less than 30 days. Our powerful tools, our pool of pre-qualified potential tenants as well as our strong poster volume guarantees you a quick rental to an ideal candidate!
We only have to prove ourselves to you! You will then be able to reach our customer base representing hundreds of satisfied owners with the services of LouerMonAppart.com. Try it- You’ll like it! 

The LouerMonAppart.com team is used to contacting your current tenant to plan a photo shoot for the need to rent the unit.
We will accommodate him, prepare him for the meeting and, above all, arrange the appointment at his convenience 

Is borne of several years of experience in the field, of our expertise but above all of a true passion!
We have a large pool of pre-qualified candidates, very effective visibility and a team at your service.
Time factor is very important in the race that is rental. We are also taking swift action to make the first critical steps to rent as quickly as possible. 

You’re almost there! All you have to do now is choose your future tenant among the interested people.
To avoid having to deal with a bad tenant later, it’s strongly recommended to use our full pre-rental inquiry service.
This will allow you to obtain several audits: Rental Board, Credit, Employers, Former Owners and Criminal Investigation. You will get the results in less than 24 hours to make a quick decision so as not to lose your potential tenant.
With the 911 Rental service, you benefit from a free pre-rental inquiry!


Many landlords think that doing business with a broker protects them from many situations and ensures them a quick and efficient rental. But in reality, renting with a broker is:
– Selected candidates without credit checks and without any verification;
– Almost no display and advertising for your unit;
– Visits to your property will be the broker’s last priority. It will promote visitation to sell a house that will earn a commission of more than $15,000;
– No protection in case of discontinuance of the candidate; 

We offer you tools to set the right price!

We know that setting a fair and justified price is the key to your successful rental. The expertise of our team and the analysis of comparables will help you establish the right price for your accommodation and justify it to your potential candidates! 


Thanks to our included guide  ‘How to quickly rent your apartment in 15 steps” where we reveal our tips and tricks to make a successful rental like a pro! 

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