Time to find a tenant

Quality of pictures

Pre-rental inquiry


Quality of tenant

Stress rate

The Owner


3 months

with a cell

on Kijiji… at page 34

1 to 2 weeks

50 %

100 %

A real estate Broker

1 month of rent+ tx

6 months

No pictures

somewhere on Centris


no Inquiry

20 %

100 %


less than 30 days

10 HD pictures

on Kijiji’s 1st page everyday + a dozen sites





The average fee has been set as follows: an average owner will conduct at least 3 pre-rental inquiries before finding the right candidate ($150).
To rent quickly with Kijiji and other sites, it’s necessary to pay a minimum to be seen among tens of thousands of daily ads ($350).
The services of a professional photographer ($150).
There will be an effort to invest time to write an advertisement, place the photos, verify that the advertisement is active, respond to the many emails and put back the ads to the front page daily. Time is money ($100)

Real estate Broker
the Broker fees are 1 month’s rent/year + taxes

Due to our volume of rentals, we benefit from economies of scale offered only to business accounts with different sites and suppliers, to offer you the same service at a lower price.


You have much better things to do! Between work, children, errands, building management and everything else, you schedule a visit and answer calls when you can.
You could even be so discouraged by the weird and disrespectful candidates who contact you, that you won’t refresh the ads for a few days, to give you time to breathe a little.

Real estate broker
Real estate agents specialize in buying and selling properties. Why would they waste their time to rent your $750 unit when they can make a $20,000 commission for the same effort and perhaps less? It takes an average of 6 months for real estate agents to rent your unit and very often these properties are not rented at all, because they simply let their mandate expire! Many dozen of those properties that are to rent by real estate brokers end up being rented by our agency. Indeed, the vast majority of these apartments have been for rent for 6 to 12 months!!!

Thanks to our pool of potentiel tenants  already looking for an accommodation, our technique, our experience and our speed of execution, our properties are rented on average in less than 30 days (in low season: from September to February) and in less than 10 days (in high season: from March to August).


The vast majority of landlords will spend about $150 to have their home photographed by a professional photographer. The option to take pictures with your phone or with an old camera is often the simplest and fastest.

Real estate broker
It’s very common to see properties of nearly a million dollars on Centris without any picture or with only a photo of the front of the building. Don’t expect any more for your rental.

Our photos are in high definition, clear, professional, but remain realistic and representative of the unit.


Ahhhhh. Do you remember when Kijiji was a completely free site where you could display at least 5 apartments simultaneously and where you only had to repost your ad to be seen? In the last years, the number of free dwellings per account has been limited to two. The real estate section is bombed with ”urgent ads” or ‘featured ads”. If you don’t have the expertise and marketing skills, increasingly demanding tenants will not even bother to consult your ad.

Real estate broker
Your apartment will be displayed on Centris, probably without a picture and with a little detailed description, so not attractive. In addition, Centris is a reference site for real estate brokers and is not the ideal site for a tenant looking for a home.

We only offer residential rentals, so that’s our specialty. In the eyes of tenants, our agency is a guarantee of quality housing, offering good value for money.
Our website is consulted daily because we have at least one new property to offer every day. This means that as soon as a dwelling is posted, several hundred potential tenants consult it immediately!
This is how we manage to rent units in 24 hours!!!


For their pre-rental inquiry, the owners will do business with agencies such as Corpiq which can return the results after several days. Connecting with the employer and former owners can sometimes be long and complicated. In addition, no verification is done during statutory holidays and weekends. This is enough time for your candidate to find another home.

Real estate broker
Brokers don’t conduct a pre-rental inquiry, but will instead ask the lessee to provide its Equifax credit file. A credit file is not a sufficient reference.
A tenant could submit a good credit report, but be very unclean and pay his rent late every month.

All elements of making an informed decision about a future tenant are carefully verified: payment capacity, character and lifestyle.


Too often, landlords who don’t benefit from our support, are discouraged or exhausted by the leasing process and end up choosing an disreputable tenant for lack of finding better.

real estate Broker
The majority of brokers rentals don’t end well, as the brokers did not conduct thorough verifications and chose the first interested visitor.

Every effort is made from the outset to attract quality candidates. Indeed, bad tenants (negative references, file to the Régie du logement, bad credit, etc.) don’t dare answer our ads because they know that an agency have high standards.


It’s quite normal that your stress rate is at the highest point, because you are in charge of everything, in addition to having to continue to go about your daily occupation. It can become very irritating to receive calls day and night from candidates who do not fit at all with what you are looking for. It is very easy to get discouraged and irritated in these circumstances.

Real estate broker
The main source of stress is that the broker will take several months to rent your unit as time passes and expenses continue to accumulate.

We take care of the most important first steps of the rental to give you a positive boost that will allow you to quickly rent to a good tenant.
We continue to accompany you every step of the way. In addition, a rental guide offering you tips and fatal errors to avoid is provided to put all the chances on your side.